Yoga Poses: Mountain Pose

yoga-mountain-poseMountain Pose (Tadasana) is the foundation for all the standing poses so it’s a good place to start for beginning yoga students. This yoga pose can improve posture by properly aligning your spine, strengthening your thighs and can help relieve back pain.

Over time, practicing Mountain Pose will teach you to become more attuned to your body so that you will notice when you are out of balance. Pay close attention to any tight muscles or stiffness which may indicate what areas of the body you need to work on.

When practicing Mountain Pose, reach down through your body and picture yourself rooted to the earth. Hold still and steady like a mountain.

Mountain Pose

1. Stand with your feet touching tip to tip, arms down at your side, palms facing inward and your back straight.

2. Evenly distribute your weight and feel your feet deeply rooted into the ground. Tighten your leg muscles through your calves and quadriceps with your knees slightly raised.

3. Draw in your abdomen and tuck in your tailbone.

4. Feel your body lengthen and draw your head and neck up, taller towards the sky.

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