Yoga Poses: Corpse Pose

yoga-corpse-poseCorpse Pose (Savasana), also know as Death Pose, is probably the most relaxing of all yoga positions. Almost like meditation, many find that a few minutes in Corpse Pose is as relaxing and rejuvenating as an hour-long nap. It is usually used as the ending to a yoga session, although some practitioners like to use it at the beginning as well.

While some toss this into the “easy yoga poses” category, but it’s actually deceptively simple which makes it a perfect yoga pose for beginners. This is because the true goal of Corpse Pose is to quiet your mind and be completely still and relaxed. With proper practice you will find that awareness of your body and your breathing will become more pronounced.

If you find yourself getting sleepy or feeling restless while in Corpse Pose, focus your mind on your breathing. Slowing or quickening your breath rate can deepen your meditation practice.

Corpse Pose

1. Lay down flat on your back ad let your arms fall naturally at your sides, palms up. Relax your legs and let your feet fall open.

2. Relax your body. Let it sink into the floor and become heavy.

3. Breathe naturally.

4. Awaken gently starting with your fingers and toes. Breathe deeply and feel your body come back to life.

5. Bring yourself back to a sitting position.

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