Yoga for Men: Building Muscle, Strength, Endurance

For most guys, and this probably means you, the only time that yoga ever crosses your mind is when you walk past the studio in your gym where all of the thin, attractive women are twisting themselves into lithe positions. You may have gone one step further and consider joining the class just for the view, but probably were never quite able to turn away from the more manly pursuits over in the free weight section.

If that sounds like you, the it’s high time that you reconsidered the way that you think about yoga.

First things first. There really is no such thing as men’s yoga. There is just yoga. Whether you are a man or a woman doesn’t matter at all in yoga. Quite frankly, most of the world’s grand master yogis are men. But for most men, yoga seems far too calm an event to be considered a beneficial part of their workout routine. Let’s set the record straight about why you really need to seriously consider adding yoga to your regimen.

Yoga for Men: It’s About the Muscles

You are probably far more concerned with how much muscle you have then anything else. But unless you were born with a natural propensity for a high degree of muscularity, you are more than likely already wearing just about as much muscle as you are going to be able to achieve without a little outside pharmaceutical intervention.

With that being said, realize that there are really only four things you can do with your muscle. There are: strength, flexibility, endurance and performance—those are the only four things you can train your muscle to improve upon.

Men Use Yoga for Muscle Strength

If you are like most men, you have spent the vast majority of your time working on strength. You probably also think you understand something about endurance, but we won’t go into how almost everyone fails at doing an effective endurance workout. You probably thought that you were going for some sort of athletic performance, but if your workouts are not balanced between the other three, your performance has probably not improved very much either.

Men Use Yoga for Flexibility

All of that is to say that you have probably ignored working on your flexibility for far too long. The more flexible you are, the more of your strength you will be able to use in practical everyday activities, as well as in performance related ways.

Two guys with exactly the same amount of muscle; put that image in your mind. One guy can barely reach his ankles, the other can quite comfortably put his hands flat on the floor. Guess which one can jump higher? More flexibility gives the available muscle more ability to flex their range of motion. The fellow who can touch his palms to the floor comfortably will always outperform the other guy even if they both have exactly the same amount of muscular strength during a leg press.

So, if you really want to be the top dog, you are going to have to get a whole lot more flexible. Yoga is perhaps the most available methodology you can use in order to do that. So, it’s not really about setting your macho aside just to do yoga, it turns out that doing yoga can make you quite a bit more beastly after all.

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