You’re no Dummy! Consider the Yoga Book for Anyone

There have lots of the “for dummies” books published over the last two decades. One of the most popular, is of course, Yoga for Dummies. And while you can get a really good overview of the practice in different types of yoga by using a book like Yoga for Dummies, there are also other resources that you might want to consider if you are really serious about practicing yoga.

If you’re ready to get started and really jump into a good yoga system without having to read through tons of material, you might want to also consider the resource Yoga Book for Anyone. Written by a master yogi from Kuala Lampur in Malaysia, this book will walk you from beginner to advanced yoga easier and faster than you might think it’s possible.

The neat thing about Yoga Book for Anyone is that the emphasis is placed on the simplicity and health benefits of yoga. You don’t really need expensive clothing props or classes to do yoga. In India and Malaysia, close to the seat of the creation of yoga, you’ll find people practicing yoga almost anywhere. No special equipment or suit is needed, just a quiet place and the right kind of teaching. If you have a few square feet where you can concentrate, even in your backyard, you can learn.

Mr. Saguna draws on his 40 years of yoga mastery while making yoga so easy that even your child can learn to do it with you. Instead of marketing clothing as requirements, Mr. Saguna instead merely goes through the process of teaching you how to completely revitalize your health through the simplicity and beauty of the yoga style.

You’ll learn the 12 pillars of yoga as well as how to utilize yoga for weight loss, preventing or reversing arthritis, and even athletic performance improvement by using yoga book for anyone. You don’t have to be a dummy to find a program that is simple and easy to use when it comes to yoga. They have a book for anyone, while good for even the dummies it’s also for you smart people as well.

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