Raising Children with Yoga

I remember growing up throwing rocks, jumping off of buildings, riding bicycles over huge ramps, and yet somehow I managed to survive with little more than a few bruises and scrapes. Comparing yoga to the types of reckless behavior I displayed as a child seems incredibly tiny by comparison.

When it comes to fitness, yoga is a great for children because they are naturally quite limber. Positions that adults might find an incredibly intense stretch, will simply fall right into place for children. Sometimes it seems as though children are made out of rubber bands! Although they may not have the physical strength for advanced poses, if children are capable of getting into the pose with out any discomfort, it’s probably not going to hurt them either.

Yoga for children will have lasting benefits for them down the road.

There is an awful lot of hogwash circulating around out there that if children exercise too strenuously using weights or other things that it can be damaging to their bodies. Children’s bones are softer and their muscles far more flexible than adults. A fall or tumble that would seriously injure you will seem to have almost zero effect on a child. So it’s perfectly fine for them to take those energies that might otherwise be used for swinging from trees and devote them to something that can give them some real benefit such as yoga.

If you’re looking for a structured exercise program for your child, yoga is a fabulous choice. Many of the positions are also named after animals which makes it perfect for tying in a little storytelling while you exercise.

If you know how to do yoga this will give you and your child a way to spend some quality time doing something physical and fun together.

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