Wii Fit Plus: Pros and Cons of Getting Fit with Video Games

Using the latest in video game technology, Nintendo managed to take something that many people dreaded –exercise — and create a gaming system to propel home-based fitness to the next level. The Wii Fit and the more recent Wii Fit Plus have both been huge hits — not just with gamers, but with families, individuals and fitness “newbies” looking for a creative way to jumpstart an active lifestyle.

Of course as with all things this new era of exercise gaming has both good and bad. Before you leap into a new fitness routine read through this list of pros and cons so you’ll be prepared to make an educated choice about whether using the Wii Fit Plus to lose weight or get fit is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Getting Fit with Wii Fit Plus:

1. Convenience – Wii Fit workout take place at home so it’s easier to fit into your schedule. Early mornings, late nights, you never have to worry about whether the gym is open or the babysitter is available.

2. Fun – The fitness games are interactive and challenging, but many users say it doesn’t feel like exercise because using the Wii Fit system is so fun.

3. Kids love it – So many video games are a solitary sport. But, the Wii is definitely multi-player fun that the whole family can enjoy together. Kids can be active, play video games and parents can be “cool.”

4. Progress – If you really plan on using the Wii Fit to lose weight or get active, then tracking your progress is essential. Filling out fitness journals weight logs can be a real pain, but Wii takes the trouble out of tracking. The balance board can not only weigh you, but will keep a record of your weight loss and exercise improvements as time goes by.

Every silver lining has a cloud, this is no different. Here are a few points to consider before deciding to use the Wii Fit Plus for your main exercise routine.

Cons using Wii Fit Plus to exercise:

1. Intensity – Experience fitness fanatics probably won’t be too impressed with the workouts. The fitness routines can vary in intensity from game to game, however basing your exercise routine around a video game is best for folks that are just starting to get active, or for regular exercisers that just want to supplement their other workouts.

2. Expensive – This “con” comes with a caveat. Given enough time, even an all-inclusive Wii Fit Plus bundle is cheaper than a gym membership. However, a gym membership is usually paid monthly and you’ll be buying your gaming system up front. The thing to remember is that, once it’s paid for you never have to worry about another expense. No membership fees, no extra class fees. Exercise “for free” with your Wii whenever you want.

3. Weight Limit – The Wii Fit Plus weight limit is 330 pounds. Considering that this game system is perfect for people who are just starting out on their weight loss journey, this is can be a serious set-back for some. If you happen to fall into the too-big-for-wii-fit crowd, don’t give up. There are other games that don’t use the balance board. Check out EA Sports Active for a set of exercises that use Wii accessories that aren’t tied into the weight limit.

4. BMI measurements – BMI can be very misleading. No computer can accurately assess BMI because it doesn’t consider the way your body is built. Muscle weighs more than fat, and some individuals may be inaccurately judged as overweight by the Wii Fit Plus scale.

Ready to start your own video game fitness journey? Look for all-inclusive bundles for the Wii Fit Plus to get everything you need to lose weight with Wii Fit.

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