Why Americans Are Overweight

Dover, DE Oct 2010, John Cloud of Time magazine reports on Alexander Chernev of Northwestern University’s reference to the “The Dieter’s Paradox.” Chernev begins his paper with a great question: Why, after 20 years of public outcry about obesity – federal, state, and local government spending on weight-loss programs; widespread media coverage of what is routinely called the obesity “epidemic”; the opening of tens of thousands of new gyms since the 1980s – why, after all this, do we keep getting fatter?

A Dover, DE local fitness expert has seen a trend happening in his personal training center that mirrors Chernev’s report which he believes will have major implications on how weight loss programs must be conducted in the future.

Following months of testing his own personal clients this fitness expert concludes that we are terrible at estimating calories. When asked about caloric intake 90 percent of clients have no idea or simply weren’t even close to their actual caloric intake. Clients were shocked and surprised when their calories were totaled and revealed.

An additional problem he frequently addresses in the weight loss arena and believes is a contributing factor, is a large percentage of people who exercise on a regular basis also justify poor food choices simply because they exercise. In other words we are rewarding ourselves with unhealthy foods with the belief that its ok because we exercise. As Chernev points out “The Dieters Paradox”, rewarding ourselves with a muffin after going to the gym or eating some celery with our French fries.

The local fitness expert believes these are just 2 of many problems contributing to the obesity epidemic, so what’s the answer…

Step one- Tracking food intake by journaling. he reveals that his clients show profound results when journaling. In fact weight loss results increase up to 50% on a regular basic by journaling.

Step Two- Accountability. Having a professional evaluate a food journal will not only keep you on track but keep you from making crucial mistakes that will prevent you from achieving your goals.

In conclusion he points out that when trying to lose weight it’s ok to treat yourself every so often, in fact its encouraged but only in moderation. Don’t take 2 steps forward in the gym followed by 2 steps back by eating a cheeseburger after you leave the gym!

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