Who Are The Walkers in Your Neighborhood?

shoes.jpgIt’s amazing what we can see when we get out of the car and take a stroll down the street. Whether the pace is leisurely or brisk, the landscape changes when viewed at street level. Walking Clubs are furthering this trend. They’re a fun way to get moving, meet people and explore different neighborhoods. 

Walking clubs are a fun way to discover your local neighborhoods — walks may include explorations of new housing developments or walk-bys of nearby shopping districts. The point is to have fun and get outdoors.

To find a group of strollers in your town, check out the community board of the corner coffeehouses or fitness center. Another good place to find people to workout with is on meetup.com.

Spring is just starting to peak out through the winter gloom, so get out there and enjoy some fresh air. If you can’t meet up with a local club, maybe you can start your own. Grab some friends and hit the street!

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