When is it Time to Have Skin Removal Surgery?

People who are obese commonly experience sagging skin once they lose the weight. When the body’s fat level increases, the skin stretches to accommodate the extra fat and often loses its natural elasticity. The longer a person is extremely overweight, the harder it is for the skin to bounce back to its natural shape. People who are obese for the majority of their lives will never experience a natural shrinkage of loose skin caused by extreme weight loss.

Skin removal surgery is a procedure in which a surgeon can remove large amounts of extra skin. Some procedures are simple and only fix one part of the body, such as the stomach or thighs. Other procedures will work to fix the whole body, including breasts, buttocks, stomach, thighs, arms, neck, and face.

Candidates for Skin Removal Surgery

While it’s tempting to want to get loose skin removed right away, most doctors require some sort of weight stabilization before granting a consultation. A weight that has plateaued for at least six months is considered a stabilized weight for skin removal surgery.

It’s also important that patients of gastric bypass surgery are completely healthy and not lacking in vitamins and minerals before having plastic surgery. So the time from the weight loss surgery to the skin removal surgery can be anywhere from two to five years depending on how long it takes for the body to level out at a set weight.

While doctors recommend waiting until weight stabilization sets in, some people may become eligible earlier if their loose skin poses a health hazard. Since moisture is trapped within large skin folds, fungus and infections can occur within the skin. A weight loss surgeon or plastic surgeon may do a skin removal surgery for patient’s whose excess skin is detrimental to their health.

Types of Skin Removal Surgeries

  • People dealing with a moderate weight loss may need a tummy tuck, breast lift, or arm lift. During these procedures the extra skin is removed and the body contoured.
  • People who have an extreme weight loss after surgery may need a lower body lift, which is a set of surgeries over a period of time.

Anyone considering skin removal surgery should understand that there is a preparation and recovery period that will interfere with work and other personal situations. Skin removal surgery is often thought of as the final step in a total body transformation and helps people feel that their weight loss journey is complete.

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