What’s Really Holding You Back? How to Build the Foundation for Success

In my last blog I showed you that proven studies have shown us that a solid 80% of the time what keeps you from achieving your true potential is your own belief system or fear, and only 20% of the time are there legitimate barriers keeping you from being at your best!

Here’s a great quote that will give additional clarity to what I’m talking about.

“To desire something is in proper accordance with the laws of attraction. You attract what you desire. To need something is misuse of the law. You cannot attract what you need if you feel you need it urgently or desperately, because that emotion contains fear. That kind of “needing” keeps things away…Desire everything. Need nothing.”
— Rhonda Byrne, The Secret… bringing joy to billions

Fear driven behavior will take over your life if you let it, and could legitimately sabotage any chance of true success you’ll ever have. To avoid this fate you must re-wire your brain to eliminate fear from your decision making processes, actions, and beliefs! You are in full control of this, it’s simply a conscious decision! 

Now let’s take a look at this word desire, and for the purposes of this post we will interchange the word “desire” with the word “vision”, and get into building the foundation or your road map for success in 2012.

To Achieve Success, Build a Foundation for Fitness

But first, you must ask yourself why…? Why are you doing this…?

Step 1: Know Your Motivation

Before attempting any goal, no matter what that goal might be, step 1 is drilling down your “why?”

This is a critical step missed by most, but your “why” is the driving force that fuels the “desire”, or that “vision” I spoke of. Without a strong “why”, even small bumps in the road will throw you off track. At the first sign of difficulty or adversity you will be ready to quit, unless…you have a strong “why” that keeps you motivated and focused on the big picture and what’s really important.

Step 2: Know What You Want to Achieve

Step two, once you have your “why”, is establishing a clear vision of what you want to achieve. When establishing your vision or what I like to call my “Dream List” or “Dream Lifestyle” you absolutely cannot allow fear to play a role in your decisions.

I challenge you to go all out, get crazy, and put anything and everything you would ever want to achieve on that “to do” list. Or let me put it in Hollywood terms…your “bucket list”

Step 3: Create Targets Toward Your Goal

Step 3, once you have clarity on your vision, is to set consistent “targets” that you must hit over time that will eventually transform your vision to a reality. These “targets” or “goals” are what I like to call “daily victories”. These daily victories should be frequent, small, and attainable.

Step 4: Track Your Targets

Finally, step 4 is review your targets often. By reviewing your list daily your targets or goals get burned into the subconscious mind and become automatic. Failure to do so will surely keep you from achieving your best.

For example, a client of mine sat down with me for a progress review and felt that her progress has stalled slightly for the past 2 weeks. I said “ok, no problem, how long has it been since you reviewed your goals?”

Her response was, “yeah… just about 2 weeks”. So, it was clear that when she stopped reviewing her vision and goals her progress began to slow almost immediately.

If you want to achieve success, reviewing your vision & goals daily is simply not an option. It only takes a few minutes before you start each day but the payoff is huge long term. Yes, it takes commitment as does any great achievement in life!

I will leave you this week once again with a quote…which by the way is hands down my favorite!

“Successful people do all of the things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do”

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