What is Athlete’s Foot?

Nobody wants to admit they’ve got a fungal infection on their feet. But, unfortunately, that’s just what athlete’s foot is. Understanding athlete’s foot will help you get proper treatment. If you don’t treat the infection, it will only get worse! And, remember most types of fungus infections are difficult to get rid of. This is especially true for athletes foot. Follow the treatment recommendations of your doctor for best results.

Accurate diagnosis is the first step towards treating athlete’s foot. Keep reading for important information about the different types infections, as well as possible sources and treatment options.

The source of athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that can affect anyone, athlete or not. The symptoms of this tedious foot rash may be different for each person. Some may have extreme pain, some may have none. This list is some of the most common athlete’s foot symptoms:

  • Flaking of the skin.
  • Inflammation and tenderness.
  • Itching of the skin.

Interdigital Athlete’s Foot

Interdigital, otherwise known as the toe web infection is the most common kind of Athlete’s foot. It most likely will happen between the shortest toes, the pinky toe and fourth toe. Symptoms of the toe web infection:

  • Most likely starts as skin that looks very moist and pale.
  • Some times itching, inflammation and odor may occur.

The infection may get worse. The webs of the toes become flaked and cracked. Usually a bacterial infection is occurring when you see skin flaked severely and horrible odors are present.

The Moccasin-type foot infection

The moccasin type infection is a chronic (a long lasting) infection. Some symptoms of this athlete’s foot infection:

  • Sometimes starts with a bit of irritation, itching, inflammation, or flaky skin.
  • Will develop to widened, flaking and peeling skin at the lower bottom of the foot. In bad cases the nails of the toe can be infected. Consequently, widen, crack, and may also fall out.
  • May occur on the palm of your hand

Vesicular type athletes foot infection

This is the most unlikely type of infection that you can get. The vesicular type of athlete’s foot infection is:

  • Usually will start with wide-spanned parts filled with fluid below the skin. Blisters most likely occur on the instep sometimes also occur on the webs of the toes, the heel, or top or sole of the foot.
  • Most of the time occurs again when the main infection goes away. It can occur in the same place or on the chest, arms, also fingers.
  • May also be partnered up with a bacterial infection.

If you experience any of the symptoms, contact your podiatrist immediately. Proper treatment of athlete’s foot begins with accurate diagnosis by your doctor.

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