What are Super Foods? Discover the Secret Benefits of Real Food!

These days, there are commercials pushing pills, powders, and potions for everything from cancer to weight loss. What if you didn’t have to invest thousands of dollars in so-called ” miracle cures” to get your body what it needs? You don’t. Super Foods have come to the rescue!

What are super foods?

That’s the million dollar question, or rather, the 100-year-old question. Super foods do what those ” miracle” products can’t — and they do it naturally. How did your ancestors manage to live long, healthy lives without all the powders and potions? It wasn’t just because they stayed fit by working from sunup to sundown. The food they ate had a lot to do with it.

Unlike the much-hyped powders, pills, and potions said to cure what ails you, super foods aren’t ” super” because they are filled with additives and other proprietary substances that the manufacturers keep secret. These foods are ” super” because of just how uncomplicated they really are.

Super foods, as they have been dubbed, are actually foods that are nutrient dense but contain no additives or preservatives. Eaten alone or in combination with other foods, they provide nutrients needed by the body in high enough quantities to make a difference in your health and your life in general.

This begs the question: Why do we need pills when we have super foods? Medicine has its place, but to maintain overall health, lower risk of certain diseases, and to age well, what we really need is a healthy body. Daily care and feeding of the human machine is where we begin our lifetime of maintenance on our most precious asset—our body.

The Benefits of Super Foods

So, what is it about certain foods that make them better than others and worthy of the title ” Super Foods?” Here are some of the most notable benefits:

Super Foods for Weight loss

We all need to maintain a healthy weight. Did you know that each one pound of weight contributes four pounds of pressure to your knees? You can imagine what just ten pounds of excess weight would do to your knees over time. A healthy weight benefits not only your bones and joints, but your organs, as well. Read more about the top super foods for weight loss.

Super Foods Slow the Aging Process

You may not find the Fountain of Youth when you eat super foods, but you’ll get pretty darn close to it. Aging is a combination of time and environment. Environment doesn’t occur just outside the skin; it also refers to the environment you provide inside your body. A healthy internal environment will help you look and feel younger. Want to turn back the clock? Check out these anti-oxidant packed super foods.

Super Nutrition Helps You Stay Disease-Free

Some diseases come with age and exposure to external toxins, while other diseases are a result of our choices. Wouldn’t you like to lessen your chances of getting cancer, diabetes, or heart disease? What if you could do so by changing what you eat?

These are just a few of the benefits of eating super foods. It is a fact that the food you eat can influence your mental and physical health. If you could live healthier by eating better and smarter, wouldn’t you? Put Super Foods to work for you!

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