12 Weight Loss Myths: Don’t Destroy Your Diet with Misinformation

With millions of people desperately seeking to lose weight, what is a person to believe as to what is true and myth about weight loss? There are so many products, and so many diets out there, what can you really believe in? We will explore weight loss myths and facts in the following paragraphs.

Here are some of the most popular diet myths…

Diet Myth #1: “Insert New Diet Here!!” A NEW! diet is the best diet.

Let’s get this out of the way first, fad diets do not work. While many lose weight initially, just as many also quickly gain it back. The problems with many fad diets is that they rely on severe food restrictions. What happens in the end, is that many people become very frustrated with the fad diet and just simply quit. The lack of certain nutritional components in your diet, can also cause serious health problems.

Rapid weight loss has other risks as well including an increased risk of gallstones, which can happen when you lose more than 3 pounds per week. Another very serious problem with diets that preach severe caloric intake restriction – less than 800 calories per day – is the development of cardiac abnormalities.

Diet Myth #2: High protein leads to low weight.

A diet that focuses mainly on eggs, cheese, and meat, is not a truly balanced diet. There are cardiovascular concerns with regards to cholesterol and fat intake, as they can increase the development of heart problems. Constipation can also be a problem with a high protein/low carb approach to dieting. The lack of vegetables, fruits, and grains, can cause constipation due to a decrease in amount of dietary fiber in your diet. Also, many report feelings of nausea, lethargy, and generalized weakness.

Diet Myth #3: Carbs are the enemy.

Actually many of these so-called starchy foods really are low in calories and fat. This is before these foods are drenched with high fat mayonnaise, sour cream, and butter. Your body actually requires complex carbohydrates. This is an extremely important component of energy for the body.

Diet Myth #4: Eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

You see this one in almost every conceivable form of fad diet advertisement. While it sounds promising, the reality is that you cannot lose weight while eating more calories than your body is able to process. Truth be told, portions become the key to losing weight.

Diet Myth #5: A fat-free or low-fat diet is low in calories.

While it is true that many low-fat diet products are far lower than their non-dietary counterparts, this is not always the case in many so-called low-fat products. Careful scrutiny of the products nutritional composition is a must. Many times, a fat-free product actually contains more calories than its original product that contains fat. This is due to the fact that other ingredients are added to make up for the lack of fat in the product.

Diet Myth #6: You can’t lose weight and eat fast food.

This is not entirely true. If you make the right choices and only do it in moderation, you can visit fast food restaurants and still lose weight. Try eating grilled chicken versus fried. Don’t super size your meals. Watch condiments which are often a source of ” hidden” calories.

Diet Myth #7: Skip a meal to help you lose weight quickly.

The startling fact is that those who eat less calories per day, and skip breakfast, actually gain more weight than those that eat 4 to 5 times per day. One reason may be that many may compensate for eating less in the daytime, by eating large quantities of food and snacks at night.

Diet Myth #8: Don’t eat after 8pm.

The reality is, that doesn’t really matter what time that you eat. The amount of food that you intake, and the amount of physical exercise that you participate in, will determine how all the food that you have eaten will be used. The fact remains that if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.

Diet Myth #9: Nuts are the enemy for anyone trying to lose weight.

Again, this is not entirely true. What is true is that many nuts contain healthy fats that can make dieters feel satiated and can be a good source of beneficial Omega-3s. It is important to remember that nuts are high in calories, so portion control is crucial.

Diet Myth #10: You can’t lose weight if you eat red meat.

Small amounts of lean red meat should be part of your diet. Red meat contains important nutrients such as protein, zinc, and iron. The key to eating red meat while dieting is to keep it lean and practice portion control.

Diet Myth #11: You can’t lose weight, if you eat dairy products.

Once again, your body needs many of the nutrients found in dairy products. Focus on low-fat and fat-free alternatives to whole milk products. You’ll still get the benefits of milk without the extra calories and fat.

Diet Myth #12: Lifting weights will make you gain weight.

This is a huge weight-loss myth. As more and more people are finding out, the exact opposite is true. At one time, it was felt that there was no place for weight training in a weight-loss program. Through research, it was discovered that weight training actually benefits weight loss. While it is true that muscle weighs more than fat, the extra muscle actually burns more calories. Muscle requires more energy, so your metabolism will stay high long after you’ve stopped being active for the day.

Weight-loss myths are keeping many people from reaching their true goals of fitness and weight loss. Don’t always accept what you see on TV or hear from a friend of a friend as the new truth for weight loss. Recognize these weight-loss myths, and you’ll be able to make more appropriate diet choices, with much better results.

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