Warm up to the Relief of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage is the newest thing in massage therapy. It has been around for a while but people are just discovering how therapeutic it can actually be. These are no ordinary stones and this is no ordinary massage. Try a hot stone massage and see if you like the feeling.

It seems that by the time we fall into bed at night, our bodies are screaming for relief. Pain can put a halt to a good night’s sleep though. you change your mattress and/or your pillows to solve the problem. Those muscles just won’t cooperate with you. Now, it’s time for a massage.

Hot stone massage therapy makes use of basalt stones. They remind you of the smooth ones you used to skip or step on as you crossed a stream. These stones are known to hold heat for long periods of time which works perfectly for an effective massage.

If you are worried about sanitation, don’t be. The stones are cleaned and they are kept in a heated water device where the temperature stays around 135 degrees when they are not in use.

How is Hot Stone Massage Done?

Hot stones are used in various sizes depending on the area to be massaged. Smaller stones are used in smaller areas and larger ones in larger areas of the body. The stones are usually centered over specific points on the body for maximum heat dissipation. This means that the heat will be released from the stones and absorbed by your body to relax the muscles before the touch massage begins. The stones can be placed directly on your skin or on a towel that is covering your skin.

Once the hot stones have had time to share their warmth, the massage therapist uses essential oils to help the stones glide across your skin as they knead the muscles. The direction of their kneading and gentle pressure moves toxins out of the organs and tissues. They also use their hands as well to complete the massage. Circulation is greatly increased throughout the body as well.

Hot stone massage therapy alleviates several conditions in the body. As you might have guessed, it helps arthritis sufferers and those who are being burdened by stress in their body. Did you know that it also works for people suffering from Fibromyalgia, back pain and depression?

A hot stone massage is not a rushed affair. You get to enjoy 90 minutes of warm relaxing heat therapy all over your body (they may even put small stones between your toes!). Make sure you can devote the time to such a luxury because you won’t want to be interrupted.

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