Treating Lung Cancer with Surgery

There are many ways to treat lung cancer. Combination chemotherapy, surgical procedures, and radiation are all included in treatments of lung cancer. When these procedures are practiced along with early detection of lung cancer, the lung cancer can be cured and prevented from further occurrence. Your doctor will determine which is the best lung cancer treatment to use, based on the type of lung cancer that you have.

In most cases, lung cancer treatment is done by performing surgery. If the lung cancer can be removed efficiently, there is an enormous chance that the patient will live one year at the least. Also, there is a fifty percent or greater chance of five or more years of life span. The only difficult problem is discovering lung cancer before it progresses to where surgery is not possible.

Whether or not surgery can be performed is dependent on three things:

  1. What form of lung cancer does the patient have?
  2. How far the lung cancer has progressed.
  3. The patient’s level of general health.

What happens during surgery for lung cancer?

Non-small cell lung cancer is usually recommended for surgery over other treatments. When the operation is performed, the tumor is extracted from the lung, as well as the tissue around the area and the lymph nodes. In most cases, the whole lung needs to be removed.

What happens after surgery for lung cancer?

So the surgery is finished and you are discharged home from the hospital, what happens next? What kind of post-surgery lung cancer treatment can I expect?

After the surgery, radiation as well as chemotherapy is usually needed to exterminate the rest of the cancer cells. This usually occurs because small cell lung cancer is an extremely aggressive cancer and spreads quickly throughout the body.

However, radiation and chemotherapy normally does not begin until the surgical wound heals. This usually takes a month or so. If the cancer is non small cell and can’t be treated using surgical procedures, it is normally treated with chemotherapy as well as radiation.

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