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Adding Steps To Your Day

In our busy lives it’s often difficult to find the time, and energy, to exercise.  I chase my kids all around the house, schoolwork, meetings, soccer practices — it’s never ending and there never seems to be time to go to the gym.  But there are ways you can work a little exercise into...
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Walking for Weight Loss

Some of us are content to follow a standard, regimented weight loss and exercise plan. For others, inspiration is necessary. We need a vision, beyond that of a slimmer body. And that ‘s where long distance walking may come in. Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. For one thing, it’s...
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Why Walk Away the Inches

Even though walking is a great choice for beginners it is also the preferred choice of many experienced walkers because of the points mentioned above. The main things to remember when walking for weight loss is to talk to your doctor, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and make walking an enjoyable, daily experience. Here...
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About Good Walking Shoes

When you find a pair of walking shoes that you really like it can sometimes be hard to let them go once they are worn out but it’s important not to use them for walking shoes after they have reached that point. Most shoe stores suggest that you replace them after 300 miles if you are overweight...
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How to Improve Your Walking Workout for More Gain

Many people think of walking as one of the easiest exercises. It’s especially attractive to people that are just starting a fitness routine because it’s also a cheap way to get fit. But, like with any fitness program, if you do the same thing every day eventually your body will get used the...
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How to Get Started—And Stick With—a Fitness Walking Routine

Getting started with a walking routine can sometimes feel like a daunting task but if you follow some basic guidelines you’ll be walking and reaching your goals before you know it. It’s important to remember that if you are new to walking you will need to gradually build up your routine....
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Who Are The Walkers in Your Neighborhood?

It’s amazing what we can see when we get out of the car and take a stroll down the street. Whether the pace is leisurely or brisk, the landscape changes when viewed at street level. Walking Clubs are furthering this trend. They’re a fun way to get moving, meet people and explore different...
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