Too Much Too Soon

CBS co-anchor Erica Hill talked this week about the difficulty of trying to learn how to fit a healthier lifestyle into her busy life. Multi-tasking work, exercise, proper nutrition, sleep, and home life, after 5 weeks she was still having difficulty fitting everything in and making it stick.

A local expert checks in warning fitness newcomers to take baby steps when taking on a new fit and healthy lifestyle. Doing too much too soon is one of the top ten most common causes of failure seen by fitness professionals. Setting small attainable goals and working to achieve those goals consistently over time is the recipe for success.

One of the primary reasons many fall into this trap is because we are a culture that wants results now! Americans have been brain washed by what we see every day in the media. Everywhere you look the word “fast” is associated with weight loss and unfortunately the result has been a culture that wants instant gratification without putting in the work.

A structured step by step approach to a new fitness lifestyle is what’s needed to “make it stick”, explains the expert. There are so many changes that need to be made for most people that attempting all of them at the same time will be overwhelming, easily resulting in discouragement and ultimately failure.

Small attainable goals, set to be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, followed by consistent action to accomplish those goals, are critical for success. Each day of the week you must set your sights on the most important task to be conquered that day, which will take you one step closer to your goals. We call this a “Daily Victory”.

The true secret for living the healthy and fit lifestyle you have always wanted is gaining traction through daily victories. Having clearly established long term goals is important as well, but it’s the steps you take and the decisions you make each and every day toward the life you want, that gain traction and are ultimately responsible for your success.

Once you have gained traction, momentum will soon follow as will forward progress. Before you know it…what you once thought was difficult or impossible is now just a part of your new healthy, fun, and fit lifestyle.

You have the power to change where you are tomorrow through the decisions you make today…so make good ones!

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