The Most Critical First Step In Any Successful Fitness Program

The power of goal setting cannot be over emphasized! Setting goals on paper is the first step in any good fitness program and in everyday life. If your goals are not written and posted somewhere where you can see them every day as a reminder, chances are those goals will never become reality. It’s not good enough to just say them to yourself or have them in your head. Failure to do this will result in almost certain failure to accomplish your goals.

Let me give you an example of the power goal setting holds. A local fitness facility recently had a weight loss challenge and in just 21 days 18 men and women combined lost just over 82 pounds of fat, took control of their health, and beat down the obesity epidemic with the power of goal setting.

Competitors as a group losing over 82 pounds of fat in just 21 days is a remarkable number considering some people go years and can’t lose a single pound. So how did this happen..?

The secrets to success here are the power of goal setting and competition. When you set your sites on a specific goal and back those goals with a burning desire to achieve then add a competitive element to the mix you have a true recipe for success that works every time.

Setting goals is a must for any newcomers to fitness and also for those who might be feeling a little stale and need something new to re-motivate them. Written goals, if done correctly, will provide a starting point and ending point that is very defined which keeps trainees committed to the end. This skill can be a powerful motivator and keep people driven and focused for the long haul.

To be successful in fitness and achieve long term health and conditioning you must make it a lifestyle. Frequently setting new goals and giving yourself new challenges to shoot for will play a pivotal role in your long term success in not only fitness but also in life.

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