Why The Best Diet Is No Diet

It’s time to lose weight and get into shape once and for all. Maybe you haven’t done anything in years or maybe you’ve been on a diet as far back as you can remember only to be disappointed with the end result.

The problem is finding the best diet plan to help you reach your goals, right? Wrong! The simple truth is there is no diet plan that is the best. The best diet is NO DIET! 

Why Dieting is Not the Answer

Go on a strict diet plan to drop weight fast and you will soon find your weight going up and down like a yo-yo. The problem is most diet plans aren’t realistic for long-term use. While you might lose weight fast while you’re on them, experience has proven that the weight is likely to come back as soon as you start eating normally again. Plus, many so-called diet plans neglect proper nutrition. They cut out entire food groups for the sake of fast losses in weight.

Fast weight loss by dieting is not the answer. In fact, dieting has contributed to the dramatic increase in obesity we have seen of late. Studies and experience have proven that when yo-yo dieting, the average person will gain an additional five to ten pounds once they stop following the diet and return to normal eating. That means that if you go on a diet once a year for five years, you potentially could be fifty pounds heavier than the day you started on your first diet. It happens!

Scales Don’t Measure Progress

Here’s an extremely important thing to remember! Any diet plan that focuses on weight loss is a poor diet plan! You will know this if the diet plan you’re following relies on stepping on a scale to measure progress. This may be against everything you’ve ever known to be true, but I can assure you it is proven and accurate.

Taking control of your health and nutrition, when done correctly, puts no emphasis on weight loss at all! None! You don’t want to lose weight…you want to lose fat. And no, they are not the same thing! And fat loss cannot be measured with a scale!

Measuring weight using a scale looks at an overall loss of pounds and does not differentiate between losing water, fat, muscle, etc. In fact your scale weight will fluctuate significantly with things like menstrual cycles and bowel movements. Scale weight is inaccurate and, absolutely under no circumstance, should it be used to measure results. Achieving your best body will hinge on you replacing fat with muscle, or increasing lean muscle mass while simultaneously reducing overall body fat.

Again, neither fat nor muscle can be measured with a scale!

How to Get Healthy Without a Diet

So, what can you do to eat yourself to a healthier weight without going on a diet plan? Start with good common sense and consider these things.

Eat whole foods.

It is best to buy your groceries and make your meals starting with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and other healthy products. While processed foods might be easier, they often contain chemicals, sweeteners, artificial colors and who knows what else! Freshly prepared meals that start with healthy ingredients are better for weight loss and they’re better for fueling the body.

Read labels.

It’s not always possible to eat whole foods at every single meal. When this is the case, select processed or pre-packaged products with care. Read the labels and look for items that are as close to natural as you can find. Also look at the serving size compared to the amount of calories in a single serving.

Go for balance.

Make sure meals contain foods that truly nourish and fuel your body. Strike a balance with fruits and veggies, legumes, lean meat, low-fat dairy and other necessary foods.

Eat less, but more often.

Smaller, more frequent meals can help greatly with weight loss. Shoot for smaller portions and try to eat six small meals a day. It’s important not to skip meals – especially breakfast – because doing so can foster weight gain rather than loss. The secret to speeding up metabolism and burning fat is eating small meals every three hours.

Avoid temptations.

Uncover your unhealthy habits and take steps to overcome them. If you can’t steer clear of ice cream after dinner, try finding a healthier, lower-calorie option. It’s okay to keep “treats” in your diet when you’re losing weight, but make sure they really are treats. No one really needs ice cream seven nights a week.

Sustainable Weight Loss Starts When You Stop Dieting

No matter what your goals, you must have clarity on this all important fact. From getting in the best shape of your life to losing weight and keeping it off, and everything else in between…it’s a journey.

Fad diet plans just aren’t sustainable. To get the results you want you must first establish simple, healthy habits and routines that will provide the foundation for your future health and fitness. Like planning and preparation, improved time management, being accountable to a coach, food journaling, and making you the priority! Minimizing obvious unhealthy choices and begin making smarter healthier choices.

Once you have this foundation in place you will be inspired by your accomplishments and progress. You will begin seeing & feeling about yourself with a new sense of confidence and motivation, you now will have gained traction and are well on your way to the life you want to live.

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