Thai Massage Therapy: Soothing, Gentle Massage for Mind and Body Relief

Massages run the gamut from soothing and gentle to rigorous and more intense. If you tend towards the former, a Thai massage might be the next type of massage therapy you try. It is easy on the body with amazing results.

The ancient basis of massages was for total body wellness. People visited doctors to have a massage performed for all types of illnesses. Some massages have their own individual techniques and others are a mixture of techniques to create a new massage style. Thai massage uses elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure to create this soothing therapy.

A Thai massage will provide not only pain relief but also mind relief. Like Ayurveda, the Thai method is a holistic system that includes the mind in with the body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa. A regular Thai massage promotes good health, improved circulation and flexibility as well as relief of neck, back and joint pain. the main purpose is to reopen energy paths in the body called meridians that may have been closed due to illness.

The Thai massage is not performed on a traditional massage bed like you may be used to but on the floor. Yes, we said the floor. You will be on a mat or maybe a mattress. If you have physical problems that will make the floor unwise let your massage therapist know. If it is pain in joints or the back, the massage itself could solve it for you.

What Happens in a Thai Massage?

You will remain fully clothed for this massage. And, there is no oil applied with a Thai massage so your clothes won’t get messed up. Loose fitting clothing that you don’t mind getting wrinkled or full of foot and handprints (more on that in a moment) are worn. You can always change afterwards if you have somewhere to go. The massage is performed in silence most times for total concentration and relaxation.

A massage of this type takes a couple of hours. The massage therapist will begin with your feet and work their way up towards your head to detoxify and boost your body’s energy. This massage is gentle so the moves will be easy on you. It employs elements of yoga but you don’t have to be a yoga buff to participate. The Thai massage therapist uses hands, feet, elbows, arms and knees to apply pressure all over your body.

Another technique is used that many find invigorating. It is called Trigger Point Therapy. Pressure is held on a certain point for as long as 30 seconds and released. The release of pressure sends sudden warmth into the extremities that also brings with it increased blood flow, oxygen and energy.

If you want the Thai experience, visit a licensed Thai massage therapist and experience a massage with benefits that will last for hours.

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