Surprising Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

The most obvious benefit of a low carb lifestyle is the weight loss. But, a slimmer waistline isn’t the only benefit you’ll find from a low carb diet. As long as you’re following a healthy, low carb plan (lean meats, low-glycemic fruit, and green vegetables) then your body will reward you with a long list of unexpected and positive results.

Decreasing carb intake causes the body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar, initiating rapid weight loss. And when the excess weight is gone, continuing a low carb lifestyle will ensure a healthy weight.

Because of the reduction of sugar in the blood, a low carb diet also produces other health benefits such as lower triglycerides, reduced blood glucose, increased good cholesterol, decreased blood pressure, as well as less muscle mass loss.

Obviously the benefits of a low carb diet are different for each individual. In addition, individuals can see and feel specific benefits at different times throughout a low carb diet and lifestyle. While weight loss is the most obvious benefit, and the main reason individuals choose a low carb lifestyle, there are other benefits that most people don’t expect, such as:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced or eliminated brain fog
  • Increased alertness and ability to focus
  • Decreased hunger
  • Quicker feeling of satisfaction from food
  • Fewer mood swings; increased feeling of happiness and well being
  • No more food binges or compulsive eating
  • Improved dental hygiene; less plaque buildup and improved gum health
  • Improvement in PMS symptoms
  • Decrease in symptoms of menopause
  • Decrease in headaches
  • Improvement in joint and muscle pain
  • Heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems decreased
  • Improved skin appearance and texture

Of course not everyone who begins or maintains a low carb lifestyle will have every single one of these benefits, and not every single individual will experience these benefits in the same time frame. But, even if you just reap just one benefit, a low carb lifestyle can improve your quality of life for years to come.

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