Use Stress Management Techniques to Maintain Your Health

Stress is an inescapable part of the human condition. And while, the techniques we use to deal with the daily stressors that come our way is often the root of our personal success, how we manage stress is also an underlying cause of many modern health conditions — especially when we don’t learn to manage stress!

If we can learn techniques to manage stress more effectively, then we can begin to find the emotional stability that is the foundation of good health and quality of life. Talking openly about stress can help us learn to handle it better, and by extension, help prevent stress-related diseases, too. But, first we need to know…

What is Stress?

We may think that we know how to define stress. Being “stressed out” is a common phrase used to describe uncomfortable situations.  But what is “stress” actually? Stress is the response, both emotional and physical, to an outside event.

Let’’s imagine that you’re alone in your house on a “dark and stormy night” when suddenly the lights go out! For most people, that would be a stressful experience. Work and money are both common stressors. Consider freelancers, consultants or sales people all of whom may have too much work one month and not enough the next. Two different stresses, both just as difficult to manage.

How you deal with these situations will be determined by the stress management techniques that you have at your disposal. And, no, avoiding the issue is not a useful stress management technique!

Manage Stress by Dealing With the Problem

This is the stress management technique that people seem to have the most trouble with. Facing a problem leaves no room for speculation or doubt. The more you roll a problem over in your mind, the greater the chance that you will talk yourself out of doing anything.

Here’’s an example: Let’’s say that you are having a hard time paying your bills. There are more bills than money to pay them. Do you ignore them? Or, do you call the companies and ask for ways to lower your payments?

The latter leads to a better result because you are finding out the options you actually have instead of imagining them. Our imaginations always conjure up doom and gloom way before the silver lining. The simple act of making a phone call puts you back in control of the situation and reduces the stress that you’re feeling. If it works for one problem, you will implement it in other situations as a coping skill.

Stress Management Techniques

Here are a few more stress management techniques that will help reduce the harmful effects of negative stress, so that you can stay healthy and live better.

Manage your life, manage the stress. Knowledge is power! So, use a calendar to get organized: right down bill due dates, important events, etc. When you feel ready for what’s coming you will find that your stress is easily reduced.

Talk it out. Sharing your feelings about a situation with a friend or family member is a stress management technique that has two benefits. First, getting the problem off your chest can help reduce your anxiety and, by getting an objective viewpoint, you may also receive some good advice.

Manage stress with relaxation techniques. When faced with a difficult situation, take a step back and prepare yourself first. Simple deep breathing will do wonders for your stress. For as much as negative thoughts produce panic attacks, positive thoughts can help reduce them.

What stress management techniques are you using? If you don’t know the answer, then maybe it’s time to reexamine how you’re handling stress and come up with a new plan for health.

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