Small Steps to Big Change : Turn off the TV

When I became ready to make a difference in my health and weight, diet was the only place I wanted to make changes. Then something happened, as my nutrition improved, I had more energy and eventually I started thinking about fitness.

My favorite tip? Limit “Screen Time.” It’s a goal I sometimes struggle with — especially when the new season of Grey’s Anatomy starts up. However, limiting screen time is a tried and true solution to the excuse “I don’t have time to exercise.”

“Turn off the TV,” says Grandma Bev. “Many families turn on the TV as soon as they get up in the morning and don’t turn it off until everyone goes to bed. Why live your lives through TV characters?”

When you limit your screen time, Bev believes you have more time to get moving. “You don’t necessarily have to play sports or work out, but take a walk, rake leaves, play with the dog, or just stay inside and clean house,” says Grey. “Put on some music and dance, have a pillow fight. The main thing is to keep over weight kids and adults moving instead of being couch potatoes.”

Bev Grey is founder and president of Grandma’s Healthy Kids Club, a website that offers age-appropriate weight loss programs and other items for children and adults. Visit

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