Now Or Never – Unveiling The Dividing Line Between Success And Failure

In my career, I see, again and again, two reoccurring problems that affect a large percentage of those seeking to be fit and healthy. Very often it is one or both of these sticking points that can be largely responsible for complete failure in many attempts to accomplish a fitness & health goal.

The first is what we call “Pain Association”. For many people just the thought of exercising and eating right causes them pain, meaning they hold negative feelings towards them. I see this most commonly with nutrition. A large percentage of people associate eating healthy with starving themselves or eating horrible tasting foods.

On a daily basis, people in health clubs all over the world will ignore warnings that nutrition is 90% of your results. They will exercise for hours on end before they will ever make a true commitment to eating healthy. Unfortunately, it is for this reason that most people will fail when they attempt to get in shape or lose weight.

The answer to this common stumbling point is your belief system. Simply put, you must establish a good relationship with the healthy way of living. Learning to love exercise and eating healthy is key to your long term success. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who have similar goals, beliefs, and daily actions will be of tremendous help on your journey. Being a part of a great fitness community that provides fun, results-driven programming, supportive and experienced fitness experts, and variety will also be key.

The second hurtle for many, which goes hand and hand with pain association, is the ability to “Overcome Barriers.”

Frankly, many who attempt a fitness or health goal give up too easily. It’s like some folks are just looking for a reason to quit and at the first sign of adversity they give up, letting just about anything stand in their way.

Being successful in fitness, and anything worth having in life, is based solely on your level of commitment. To achieve the body you have always wanted and the quality of life I’m sure you deserve, you have to commit yourself and invest the time, regardless of difficulty!

There will always be road blocks standing in your way, they will come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes, but overcoming these barriers with full commitment to achieving your goals no matter what, will be crucial to your success.

On a daily basis, I see a very distinct dividing line. On one side are those who won’t get out of their own way and can’t tear themselves away from their old comfortable habits. In many cases, they will keep trying the same habits they have stuck with for years and that have never worked, in hopes that one day something will change.

The other side of the line is those who recognize that what they have been doing for years, in most cases, hasn’t worked and they look to the experts for help to avoid wasting any more precious time. They come in with no barriers or expectations, and put themselves completely in the hands of the experts. They are moldable and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success, regardless of comfort, they forget what they think they know and simply “drink the Kool-Aid” as they say.

The outcome is always the same…those who realized it was now or never and drank the Kool-Aid achieved their results with a new lease on life. They are happy, fit, energetic, and love living. They encourage others around them daily to follow in their footsteps, now ambassadors of fitness and health.

And the others….well, they never quite get there. Which side of the line will you be on?

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