Natural Methods for Controlling Asthma

With all of the potions and homeopathic medicines out there, many may wonder or hear about natural cures for asthma. But is there really a natural cure for asthma? Unfortunately, there are no natural cures for asthma.

While there may not be a cure for asthma, natural or not, but there are non-medical treatments that can be used to manage the disease and lessen the symptoms of asthma.

For example, emotional stress triggers asthma attacks in many sufferers. But a simple—and all-natural—method of relaxing such as deep breathing or meditation may aid in relieving tension, and prevent stress triggered asthma attacks from starting.

Among other natural remedies used to manage asthma, are eating habits and dietary changes. For instance, some think Omega-3 fatty acids,  such as those harvested naturally from fish high in fat like mackerel, cod, or salmon, can help to decrease airway inflammation. The usefulness to patients with asthma is still not proven.

Don’t ever use a natural dietary vitamin before talking about it with your doctor because some herbal supplements can cause asthma attacks. Allergies are the culprit behind many asthma attacks, so it’s important to be careful of “all-natural” remedies which may contain herbs or plants that you are allergic to. If you’re not sure about a natural vitamin supplement, contact a doctor or pharmacist.

You can lessen the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms by changing your behavior. Here are some additional tips to help you control asthma without medication:

  1. First, make sure you are accurately diagnosed and talk to your doctor about working out a plan to control your asthma.
  2. Make sure you look over your peak flow rate every day, and take action when it lowers.
  3. Take notes about your asthma symptoms daily as well any medication you use for it.
  4. Avoid things like smoking and in-door air pollutants in order to lessen asthma symptoms.
  5. Make sure you watch your weight, and keep it normal.
  6. Always get a full night’s sleep.
  7. If necessary, be wiling to take medication, as directed by your doctor, before sports or other types of physical fitness to prevent exercise-induced asthma attacks.

Asthma is a serious disorder that can be life-threatening and should never be taken lightly. You may use natural methods to control the disease, but if you are having symptoms of asthma, call your doctor. Follow your doctor’s treatment plan for your asthma.

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