Mythical Water Still A Good Tool For Dieters

water.jpgAccording to new research, the magical properties of water may turn out to be mostly myth.
An article on looks at the “five major myths about the benefits of drinking water” to discover the truth behind the H2O Hype.

The Myths:
1. Drink 8 Glasses Each Day
2. Drinking Lots of Water Helps Clear Out Toxins
3. Lots of Water Equals Healthier Skin
4. Drinking Extra Water Leads to Weight Loss
5. It’s Easy to Get Dehydrated During a Workout

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In light of the new information, it’s important to remember that drinking water is still a good tool for dieters.
• A glass of water before a meal will help you feel fuller faster. It’s especially helpful in combination with dense, high-fiber foods.
• When you want a little snack, start with water. You may just find you were actually thirsty!
• Don’t stress out about getting enough water! Your healthy journey should be a fun adventure. Do your best to drink plenty of fluids and don’t get too bogged down with the details.
• Add flavor! No-calorie, low-calorie packets are available in a variety of flavors and even single serve packets. Keep a few in your purse or pocket and you’ll always be ready to drink up.

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