Muscle Building Super Foods

We lose fat in two ways: burn fat with exercise, and burn fat with muscle. As we increase our muscle, we burn more fat.

It’s a wonderful cycle to get caught up in! Work out, lose fat, build muscle, burn more fat. Other than doing your exercises routinely, there are foods you can eat to help build muscle tissue. Let’s take a look at what sort of super foods will help build muscle.

The Magic of Muscle For Weight Loss

As we age, we lose muscle, especially when we reach the age of forty and over. But, muscle is important. It helps to strengthen our framework. The same calcium that strengthens the bones also builds the muscle that the frame is attached to.

Muscle weighs more than fat. It’s important to realize that especially when you are losing weight. If the scale comes down slowly, don’t worry. You are sculpting a more beautiful, healthier body with lean muscle. And, that lean muscle needs more energy to operate. That’s one reason why muscle burns fat for energy. Yes, even when you are not lifting dumbbells, your muscles are at work burning fat for you. What more could you ask?

Building muscle requires a nutritious diet. Muscle needs protein, calcium, and a host of other nutrients to grow. That is where super foods come in.

Best Muscle-Building Super Foods

The high-protein Super foods are great for building muscle because they give you what you need in one swoop without having to worry about nutrients you might be missing. Combine a few super foods and you’ll get what you need to build strong, healthy muscles all on one plate.


Eggs provide protein. Eating an egg for breakfast not only helps with protein intake for the day but also decreases your cravings throughout the day. If you’re worried about cholesterol, go ahead and just eat the egg whites. You’ll still get all the protein you need.

Flax seed meal

You can put flax seed meal in your yogurt, add them to your cereal, throw them in your smoothie, or sprinkle on a salad. This seed is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Be sure to chose the meal as the nutrients are released by the grinding process. Also, keep the flax seed meal in the refrigerator to preserve them.


Let’s choose the lean variety. Steak is full of protein that is perfect for muscle building. All steak is not created equal. Choose sirloin or top round. You may want to choose organic grain-fed beef to ensure there are no additives you prefer to avoid.


It’s a tasty and inexpensive alternative to chicken. Turkey is succulent when cooked right and also very little saturated fat. All that lean protein is great for your muscle building efforts.


You want to build muscle but avoid bad fat. Nuts can help by providing a healthy source of fat along with plant protein. Eat a variety of nuts as snacks to fill you up and increase your protein intake. Be sure to choose nuts without added sugars and salt. Get nuts that are as close to natural as you can.

Muscle strength and health is important at every age—young and old. It is never too late to start building muscle to increase your strength, your health, and to lose those extra pounds. Eat a diet that’s rich in these muscle building super foods, and look and feel better!

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