More Than A Secret To Fitness Success – The Holy Grail That Reveals All

(Reuters Life!) – Oprah’s Trainer, Bob Greene, tells all this week in an interview saying “It’s not just about fitness; it’s about making changes in your life. People who are successful forget about weight loss. Instead they concentrate every day on moving closer to the life they want; eating and exercise are simply little spokes in that wheel.”

There are no words more important and more powerful than those quoted above when on a journey to claim the body you have always wanted and the quality of life you truly deserve!

If there was a secret to success or a lost holy grail that reveals all in the world of fitness and health this would be it!

So many people struggle to break old habits, and for most it’s giving in to these old habits that ultimately end up in failure. The key to overcoming this common point of failure is your belief system. Once you have changed your mind-set and your belief system, then we can start to change the behavior.

Far too many people make the critical mistake when starting a fitness program of focusing on the future. When setting goals most will set long term goals instead of short term goals. Now, long term goals are important to have in the background but the day to day focus must be on reasonable and attainable short term goals.

As a mentor of mine, Eric Ruth, would say, this is “Getting Your Daily Victory”.

It’s all about getting your daily victory. Your daily victory can be something as simple as knocking out a few push ups in the morning, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a long walk or a quick jog, saying “no” to that donut or pastry, going to the gym rather than watching TV…or whatever.

The point is to just get a small victory every day. Then, with each passing day, you get stronger physically and emotionally, you gain resolve, become less likely to “self-sabotage” and you get traction. That’s the name of the game…traction. Because when you have traction, you gain momentum. Then you’re a force of nature…totally unstoppable…and the results come quickly.

Here are the 4 key steps in making behavioral change:

1. You must have a definite purpose backed by burning desire to achieve your goals.

2. You must have a definite plan with continuous action.

3. Your mind must be closed to negativity and discouraging influences including friends and family.

4. You must form alliances to encourage your success long term.

Commit yourself to these steps and get your daily victory every day and you will be an unstoppable force and nothing will be out of your reach!

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