Medicinal Wines and the Bounty of Berries

Traditionally, wine is as much a healing medium as teas, tinctures, decoctions and salves. Many old healing recipes involve the making of wine to preserve the healing power of summer fruits and herbs like elderberry, dandelion and blackberries throughout the winter.

The wine-making process can enhance the natural healing powers of a specific fruit or herb. For instance, wines made from dark berries not only retain the natural qualities of those fruits but also amplify their antioxidant properties many times over.

Elderberry is well known for its ability to inhibit cold and flu and it is valued by healers as a remedy for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Elderberry Wine is also a powerful antioxidant, made more powerful by the fermentation process.

Blackberry, besides being a powerful antioxidant, is historically used as a strengthener of the gums and and fortifier.  Blackberry is also used for diarrhea, skin rashes and minor sore throats.  It is a powerful agent against cancer-causing free radicals.  And, along with other purple-colored berries, it helps improve vision, especially at night.

Wine is not like other alcoholic beverages.  Drinking wine should not be thought of as a guilty pleasure, but when done in moderation, as an aid to health and longevity. Make it, drink it and savor it.

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