Magnetic Therapy: Attractive Healing for Many Ailments

Magnetic therapy is a common form of healing in India, China, and France, yet America only began to realize the healing effects within the last few decades — first in the early 1900’s and then again with resurgence in the late 90’s. Perhaps you know someone who wears a copper bracelet to help with arthritis or tendonitis pain. Magnetic therapy works along the exact same lines.

Magnetic energy is found everywhere in nature and is called by many other names. The Chinese call it Qi (pronounced “Chi”) and use this energy when practicing acupuncture.

Any material that is capable of becoming magnetized does so by aligning groups of atoms to create a magnetic energy field. The human body is made of up cells that can renew themselves and practitioners of magnetic therapy believe that these cells can be manipulated through the use of magnets. The idea is that the same energy that is used to recharge cells as they wear down can become magnified through the energy contained in magnets.

Not all magnetic energy is healing. Some contend that the magnetic energy of computers and cell phones can be very harmful and even can cause headaches, memory loss, or tumors.

Beneficial magnetic energy, however, can reduce scars on internal organs — as in after surgery — by increasing blood flow. This same treatment can relieve patients of migraines and chronic pain.Supporters say that the healing is encouraged by increased blood flow, which is caused by the heating effect magnets have on circulation.

Magnets have different strengths and sizes. The power is determined by how much iron weight it can lift, and so if using magnets for healing a specific wound — like acute swelling — you may want to consult an expert in the field. Knowing how and where to place a magnet on the body involves good training, so be sure that the magnet therapist has been trained to know the size, strength, and placement as well as the duration of different magnets for the various ailments. (Do not attempt to use magnetic therapy if you have a pacemaker, internal defibrillator, or are pregnant.)

Magnetic therapists will determine which strength of magnet you should use — stronger magnets for large areas and chronic pain, lighter magnets for sensitive parts of the body, such as the ears.

Sleeping on a magnetic mattress, which is often safe because they only come in one strength, can stimulate blood flow allover the body. The magnetic mattress pads can be good for overall immune system regeneration, and for pain and increased energy, and if you have lower back ache the magnetic insoles are a great help.

Magnetic pads and wraps are available for easing conditions such as bad joints, elbows and knees, but again, it is wise to consult a professional before ordering any of these items.

You can also drink magnetically treated water. It has been documented to be relaxing; simply place a 6-8 once glass of water on the negative pole of a magnet for several minutes and drink twice a day.

Have you ever thought about sleeping on a magnetic mattresses? Perhaps it’s time to look into the idea seriously.

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