Can a Nutritionist Help You Lose Weight?

A nutritionist is a person who is trained or an expert in the science of nutrition. If you are interested in losing weight, you may inquire about hiring a nutritionist to assist in your weight loss journey.

How can a nutritionist help you lose weight?

Typically you would hire a nutritionist for a five to six month period to teach you about good nutrition and portion size, and give you a tailored plan for your body and lifestyle.

Your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise habits, and medical history will all be analyzed and it is quite common to take allergy tests and be asked to keep a journal for the entirety of your relationship with the nutritionist to track all of these things and more.

After the “entire person” has been evaluated, a weight loss program with meal planning and exercise routine will be established. This plan of attack will be tailored for you, your medical history, nutritional and physical needs.

You will meet with your nutritionist every 2-3 weeks for about 6 months, keeping a diet and workout log in your journal. The nutritionist will help you tweak your plan to fit you, until you rest on something that works and helps you lose weight.

Will a nutritionist help you lose weight?

The short answer to this, it depends. It depends on how well you follow your plan, and how well the plan set by the nutritionist works for you. It takes a lot of work from both of you to make this type of diet work, but if it does you can learn a lot about nutrition and what you were missing from your diet that will carry you for many years to come.

Hiring a nutritionist to help you lose weight

Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, most states do not require nutritionist to go to an accredited school, or have any type of certification. Do your research and ask questions about your nutritionist. Ask how they became a nutritionist and what qualifies them to be a nutritionist. You may feel more comfortable by asking for references of other clients they have had in the past.

A nutritionist is a great idea for someone who wants to lose weight the right way. Having a tailored food plan and exercise program is ideal for almost everyone out there. In 6 months, you can kick those bad eating habits, and start eating the best, most nutritious foods for your body.

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