Will an Herbalist Help Someone Lose Weight?

As Americans slowing begin to understand the healing power of herbs and the powerful effects of herbal remedies, a question is arising in the minds of many dieters. Will seeing an herbalist help me lose weight? The Short answer is maybe.

An herbalist is someone who is dedicated to the economic or medicinal uses of plants. If you ask a herbalist how to lose weight, they will ask you a few things about your medical history possibly and suggest at least one herbal supplement. This supplement can be anything from an appetite suppressant, vitamins, and minerals or even different suggestions for your digestive tract.

When you are looking for an herbalist, be sure to research their background. Talk to other clients; ask if they have a degree or certification. Are they a Master Herbalist?

Herbalists, Herbs and Weight Loss

The truth of the matter is, anyone can call themselves an herbalist. Most health food store owners consider themselves herbalist with or without a formal education. No herbalist can prescribe an herb for any reason, not even to help you lose weight.

An herbalist can help you lose weight by suggesting different supplements that will assist you on your journey. If you do decide to take these supplements, please do all of the research that you can and ask your doctor before taking them. This is extremely important because some herbs can interact negatively with over-the-counter and prescription medications.

When taking a supplement that is suggested by an herbalist, you will also want to note what the recommended dosage is from both the herbalist, on the packaging and double check with your doctor.

Many herbalists have developed their own special weight loss herbal blend that they will recommend, or will recommend other blends. These blends can be very expensive and are not normally approved by the FDA to take for any health related reasons (aka. Weight loss)

When thinking of asking for weight loss advice from an herbalist, do your research. Do your research on both the supplements that are recommending, and the herbalist themselves. Also remember that just because this pill worked for your best friend, the same pill will not always be right for you.

In the end, if you find a good herbalist and follow their suggestions you can lose weight. There are no magic pills or supplements. It still boils down to how many calories you take in and how many you burn each day.

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