Kettlebells Vindicated As The King Of Cardio-Fat Burning

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin are stunned by new research proving kettlebell calorie burn is off the charts!

Claims that the kettlebell delivers superior fat loss than any other method of exercise have now been vindicated by science in a recent study by the American Council on Exercise.

Scientific research has now shown us that kettlebells strip off unwanted body fat faster than any other form of exercise known today, getting twice the results in just half the time.

The research done by ACE has shown us that after only a 20 minute kettlebell workout subjects burned an average of 272 calories. Measurements revealed off the chart readings at 6.6 calories per minute which is equivalent to running at a 6 minute mile pace.

The success of the kettlebell can be credited to the fact that the entire body is being worked against gravity in unison at a rapid pace. When using kettlebells there is a significant full body muscle activation not found in other types of training. It is because of this that you can do much more work in a shorter amount of time producing rapid results.

One of the many advantages to kettlebell training making the method so unique is the that training teaches the body how to contend with a constantly changing center of gravity, replicating the same forces encountered in play, sport, and daily life. This is done by working the body across a wide variety of planes and angles just as we as humans function in every day life. This is not an aspect of training that is addressed in any traditional training methods today.

Kettlebell training has bridged the gap between strength training and cardiovascular training making them the conditioning tool for the masses.

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