Is Dr. Seigal’s Cookie Diet Right For You?

Have you ever wished that that plate of chocolate chip cookies was your key to weight loss? Chances are, it’s not. But, if you’re looking for a structured weight loss plan, then there is one type of cookie that could help. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.

Florida physician Dr. Seigal created the now-famous weight loss cookie and has used them in his medical practice for more than a quarter of a century. Using a proprietary-blend of nutrients, Dr. Seigal’s cookies are designed for appetite control — and because they are cookies dieters don’t feel deprived either.

Check out these revolutionary cookies to see if they’re a good fit for your weight loss program. 

What is Dr. Seigal Cookie Plan?

The fundementals of the cookie plan are simple and will sound familiar to anyone who has tried a weight loss plan such as Slim Fast. Dieters simply eat six cookies a day: breakfast, lunch and snacks. Then, have a sensible dinner. Longterm, the cookie diet has a bit more depth than its simplicity implies.

Start with a free, 28-day assessment where you will measure your calories. The process is designed to figure out exactly how many calories your body needs to maintain a healthy weight — it’s different for everyone.

Next, visit Dr. Siegal’s website. Once you input the data from your assessment, you’ll receive a customized calorie limit. Dr. Siegal often recommends 1,000 calories per day for weight loss — including cookies! — however, this is also the minimum number of calories required for your body to function. Your doctor may suggest more. Always defer to your physician when considering any diet program.

Continue following the cookie diet plan until you get to your goal weight.

Once you finish losing weight, you can continue eating the cookies and other Dr. Siegal products as part of your maintenance plan for keeping a healthy weight.

More Than Just Cookies

Many dieters report that the cookies taste good. And, they come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, coconut, oatmeal raisin, blueberry and banana.

Dr. Siegal’s “Cookie Diet” also has a number of other products such as meal replacement shakes, enriched water, and vitamin supplements all designed to promote weight loss. Everything in the cookie diet product line has the same formula for controlling appetite.

Caveats of the Cookie Diet

The monthly costs for the cookie diet program can quickly add up. One month of cookies can run about $300, which doesn’t even include the cost of food for your “sensible dinner.”

Although this diet plan doesn’t address physcial activity, exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. For maximum health benefits, it would be wise to implement a fitness plan to complement your weight loss program.

According to Dr. Seigal, cookies can promote weight loss. As long as they’re the right type of cookies. For people with the discipline to stick to the cookie plan, this could be a dieter’s dream come true.

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