How Does the Weight Watchers Program Work?

Weight Watchers helped millions of people lose weight since the early 1960s. The weight loss plan they use has changed over that time — in a good way! Most of the changes in their weight loss program have been designed to make the plan easier to follow so members stick with it and learn a sustainable way of eating.

The Weight Watchers Diet Plan

Weight Watchers has a pretty easy plan to follow; each serving of food is given a point value based on calories, fat, and fiber content. You are allowed to eat so many points per day based on your gender, weight and height. You are also given “flex points” for those times when you need a little extra room for those special occasions or when you’re feeling a little hungrier.

Attendance at Weekly Meetings

There are Weight Watchers meetings available in just about every city, town and village. Look in your local phone book or online to find one near you. To join Weight Watchers locally, you will pay an enrollment fee, as well as weekly meeting fees. You will receive some books and other diet aids at the time of enrollment, and there are other books and products available for purchase separately, as well.

At the weekly meetings, you will weigh in privately with the secretary only. He or she will record your weight each week. This is probably the biggest motivator for some people to stick with the program. You also gain lots of encouragement from the other members, as well as lots of healthy eating and exercise tips from the instructor by attending regular meetings. Be aware though, that even if you miss a meeting, you are expected to pay for it at the next one.

As a Weight Watchers paid member you can also sign up for their online dieting tools and have access to thousands of recipes, trackers and other tools to help you along your weight loss journey.

Weight Watchers Online Program

If you don’t want to attend live meetings, Weight Watchers has an online program available too. Fees are paid up front for a specified amount of time, and then deducted monthly from your credit card once the initial time period has passed. Their online program includes Points trackers, Activity trackers, weight trackers, recipes, a forum and chat rooms, a Points calculator and much more. If you can make your way around a website at all, you’ll find Weight Watchers online program very easy and convenient to use.

Whether you have 5 pounds or 100 pounds or more to lose, Weight Watchers is a great program for just about anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off*. Their program is designed to help you adjust your lifestyle to one that includes healthy eating and exercise that will last a lifetime.

*See your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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