Hot Bikram Yoga

Hot Bikram yoga was invented by yogi master Bikram Choudhury. It is practiced in a hot room at a temperature between 95 to 105 degrees F and a humidity of 50 percent. The hot and humid environment make your muscles stretch more while making you sweat. The theory is that sweating more releases toxins from the body. Hot Bikramm yoga requires you to do 26 poses that promote strengthening and stretching. Since you’ll be sweating a lot, it’s advisable to drink a full glass of water or two before beginning.

It is advisable to work your way up to the full hot Bikram yoga experience. You can start by purchasing or watching some Bikram yoga videos online. Practice the poses at home focusing on practicing your breathing. Breathing is very important in hot Bikram yoga as it helps you cope with the intense heat.

Finally, find a local class and if possible a friend to go with you. A friend is great for support and having someone to keep you motivated to keep going. Make sure you find a place to practice with certified instructors who are educated about Bikram specifically.

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