Herbal Remedies for Heartburn Relief: Using White Horehound

Heartburn remedies abound on the internet. Did you know that there are many herbal remedies and supplements that can be used to treat heartburn?

One such little-known herbal heartburn remedy is called White Horehound. Used in ancient Egypt as a medication in the treatment of excess mucous and by Native Americans to treat different forms of pulmonary or lung diseases is now being looked at as potential ally in the war on heartburn.

It was banned by the FDA in 1989, because there was not enough evidence to prove that worked well for use in cough drops. Interestingly, it is still used in Europe and in many European herbal remedies. There have been few studies in America, regarding the use of white horehound for heartburn remedies.

In Germany, White horehound has been approved as a treatment for heartburn and lack of appetite. Also another use may be as a hypoglycemic treatment for diabetes.

One downside to horehound’s use as a heartburn remedy is that there is a limited amount of evidence on the toxicity in human beings. In some cases, it has been found to cause hypotension and arrhythmias. Also, low blood sugar levels were reported in animal studies, along with the other problems previously noted.

In countries such as Germany, 4.5 g per day of sliced herb or approximately 26 tablespoons of juice from a fresh horehound plant are used for treating heartburn. Another homeopathic dosing schedule may include 1 to 2 g of the herb dried three times per day.

Are there any interactions with drugs or other herbal preparations with the use of heartburn remedies such as White Horehound? The simple answer is yes. In some people, large amounts of White horehound can increase their risk of arrhythmias. So, anyone using a medication that controls the heartbeat should not take White horehound. Blood pressure may also be affected by White horehound, so anyone taking blood pressure medications should use this cautiously.

Other cardiovascular effects from White horehound usage include increasing the action of aldosterone, as well as interacting with other diuretics.

Because of its ability to lower blood sugar levels, you should consult your physician prior to using White horehound as a treatment for acid reflux. This includes both type I and type II diabetes mellitus.

If you are taking hormonal therapy, you should also use what horehound judiciously. This is because, white horehound may be comprised of estrogen like chemicals in addition to its other properties.

As with any therapy, whether it be medical or homeopathic, it is always wise to consult your doctor prior to taking any medication or supplement, and that includes heartburn remedies such as White horehound.

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