Heart Healthy Super Foods are Worthy of Love

In order to live a long and healthy life, you have to take care of your heart the best that you can. You may have a medicine cabinet full of supplements to help you maintain a healthy heart. But, before you pop those pills, do yourself, and your heart, a favor; head to the kitchen.

Super Foods Help Your Heart Do What it Does

The heart is the muscle of the body. Many love poems have been written about it and people cry from the proverbial ” broken” heart, but in real life, it is a force to be reckoned with. The heart is charged with pumping blood to the entire body. It uses the blood vessel superhighway to do that. It is an involuntary muscle controlled by the brain.

How well the heart does its job doesn’t just depend on how well the brain is working but how well we feed the body. Vessel clogging foods like trans-fats, sugars, and foods devoid of nutrients all contribute to the demise of the heart. When vessels are narrowed by clots or plaques, blood pressure rises. That means that the heart has to pump that much harder to get the same amount of blood throughout the body.

Imagine if your vessels were a garden hose. Plaques and other obstructions can be represented by a knot in the hose. You’ve seen this in cartoons. The pressure builds up behind the obstruction until something gives, usually the hose bursting at the knot or the source. That could be you blowing a vessel or damaging your heart.

If you are headed in that direction, there is something that you can do. One of the first things that doctors recommend is that you change your diet. Food plays an important role in the health of your heart. Adding  these heart healthy super foods to your diet to provide an abundance of nutrients to your body is a great place to start.

Get More Heart Healthy Super Foods

How is your ” ticker” working? Are you giving your heart all the nutrients it needs to keep on ticking long and strong? If you aren’t sure, add heart healthy super foods to your diet today.


Sure, your loved ones may have a thing or two to say about your breath, but garlic is well known for it’s heart healthy benefits. If you are worried about what garlic will do to your breath, try black garlic. It is all the rage these days. Oftentimes, roasting whole garlic in olive oil will make the garlic taste, and smell, more mild. Garlic is from the allicin family along with onions and leeks.


This is a plant protein. Soy can be eaten in many forms, like soy nuts, soybeans, soy ” milk,” and tofu. Soy products help lower cholesterol which can lower blood pressure in return. And a lower blood pressure makes for a happy and healthy heart.


Drink skim milk to avoid the fat. Milk is fortified with vitamins A and D and contains calcium which helps lower blood pressure.


This veggie gets a bad rap, especially with kids, because it can be kind of stinky, but it is a super antioxidant. It is a superhero neutralizing free radicals at a single bound and helping to detoxify the body. So, plug your nose if you have to and eat your broccoli!


It works for Popeye. Eating this super food will give you strong muscles as well as a strong heart muscle. It is high in potassium and magnesium, both nutrients important to a healthy heart.

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