Dill: An Herb with Dozens of Health Benefits

If I say “Dill,” what do you think of? Pickles? Roasted potatoes? Dill is a staple in many kitchen herb gardens, but its benefits extend far beyond its culinary uses. Dill is also a healing herb with many health benefits and it’s been used for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years. In fact, dill was used by Hippocrates to treat the wounds of soldiers in ancient Rome.

The green leaves of the dill plant have a sweet aroma and taste. When dried, dill seeds have a sweet and citrusy taste that is slightly buttery and a little bit similar to caraway.

The Health Benefits of Dill

Dill seed is a very good source of dietary fiber, as well as the minerals manganese, iron, and magnesium. Did you also know that one tablespoonful of dill seed contains as much calcium as one-third cup of milk?It does. Dill is a very good source of calcium which, of course, is important for reducing the bone loss in women that sometimes occurs after menopause and in other health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Dill Can Be an Herbal Sleep Remedy

Derived from the Norse word “dilla” which means to lull, dill has a calming effect that can be used to induce sleep. This herb is often used as an insomnia reliever alone and in combination with other herbal remedies.

Dill May Protect Against Cancer

The components in dill oil act as protective neutralizers in carcinogens such as: cigarettes smoke, charcoal grill smoke, and trash incinerator smoke. This oil also prevents bacteria growth, much in the same way as garlic.

Crushed dill seeds, when diluted with water, can be used as a nail-strengthening bath. When chewed, dill seeds can be highly effective in curing bad breath.

Use Dill to Soothe Upset Stomach

It can also be used to relieve stomach symptoms. Simply chop a little dill and mix it with plain low fat yogurt.  Also, dill tea is used as a stomach soother, to overcome insomnia, and even to cure hiccups. In its diluted form, it may be used as a remedy for gas in infants.

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