Exercise Ideas For Individuals With Limited Mobility

It is a fact that people who are sedentary are more likely to suffer from the diseases and conditions that come with aging than those who are more active—the same goes for injuries. On the flip-side, people who are physically active are more likely to recover after an injury than those who are not active.

It’s clear the being active is key for a healthy life. But, how can you get active if you have limited mobility? Although there are many challenges that come with having mobility issues, it’s rarely impossible to exercise. You may need to modify your approach to exercise and fitness, but there are exercises suited for people with limited mobility.

Start by talking with your doctor about exercises that are within your reach. Ask your doctor to recommend services that help people with limited mobility to live more active lives.

Here are some more helpful ideas to get a good exercise program working for you.

Strength training with limited mobility

Upper body strength will be needed to move yourself around if you are walking with a cane or even confined to a wheelchair. Using light weights and higher repetitions, will build up the muscles in your arms and back. If your metabolism needs a little boost, and most do as we age, weight training will rev that up, too.

Resistance bands can increase strength

Resistance bands are helpful because they come in different sizes and strengths. You can loop them around a doorknob or a chair and perform upper body exercises. Resistance bands are also a great alternative for anyone that doesn’t have the strength in their hands to grip onto dumbbells.

Overcome limited mobility with the buddy system

Having someone to work out with is both motivating and safer. Another person can help you with the exercises and help you challenge yourself to reach new goals. There are exercises that are actually meant to do with another person – using the other person as a resistance, sort of pushing, pulling, and stretching through the exercises.

Pool exercises ease mobility issues

People who are dependent on a wheelchair especially find working out in the water very exhilarating. It is like being weightless. You get the benefits of working out without the jarring that is common with some exercises. Pool workouts build and tone all muscle groups, especially your core.

Yoga may improve mobility

Yoga is a relaxing activity that teaches breathing techniques as well as a way to stretch your muscles. It helps to strengthen the mind-body connection which improves your balance, as well.

Even if you are dependent on a walker or a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a good fitnes. Use these exercise ideas to help you find the resources you need to achieve optimum health through physical activity.

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