Everyday Activities that Count as Exercise

If you’re like me, then you’re exhausted by the time you get home from running around all day. Chances are you’re not thinking about hitting the gym to squeeze in a workout. Life is busy and for many of us it’s hard to find time for a trip to the gym. Unfortunately, being busy doesn’t let you off the hook for being active. Even if you can’t schedule regular fitness into your routine, you can still fit more physical activity into your day.

Exercise improves your overall health. Exercise keeps you at a healthy weight, strengthens your muscles, and lowers your risk of disease. You are improving your lifestyle and quality of life when you add physical activity to your day.

Here are a few activities that will increase your physical activity and may even count as exercise.

Exercise Everyday by Adding Activity

Take yourself for a walk. You don’t need Fido to enjoy the fresh air. Whether home or at work, when you finish your meal and still have ten or fifteen minutes to spend, take a walk outside. That fresh air and sunny vitamin D will help strengthen your lungs, muscles, and bones Your heart will start pumping and your brain will get some much needed oxygen. You’ll feel better and before you know it you’ll look better, too!

Choose the stairs. Instead of crowding in the elevator, take the stairs at work, doctor’s offices and at the mall. This little technique is surprisingly effective. Over a years time, you’ll be surprised how many steps you take up and down stairs if you avoid elevators.

Instead of running errands, ride a bike. The next time you have a quick errand that’s nearby, hop on your bike. Ride over to the convenience store to pick up the Sunday newspaper. Leave the car in the driveway whenever possible and run those errands on your trusty bicycle.

Do your chores with vigor. Cleaning house is rarely anyone’s favorite thing to do, but if you make purposeful moves as you clean and do chores around the house, you will get more benefits than just a clean house. For example, as you sweep, tighten your abdominal muscles and turn from the waist. When you pull weeds, use a squat position. As you rise to a standing position, tighten your butt muscles and leg muscles.

Go on an active vacation. When you decide to take that getaway, do so at a destination where there are lots of indoor and outdoor activities to do. Active vacations will keep you moving, which will keep you full of energy during your vacation, and improve your health at the same time.

For many people, exercise is something that they grow to love as the results of their labors become apparent. If you struggle finding time for a workout, or even are not fond of formal fitness programs, adding more activity into your day can be the boost your body needs.

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