Easy Weight Watchers Tips and Tricks for Success

Weight Watchers is one of the easiest diet programs to follow, whether you attend live meetings or use their online program. For added and continued weight loss success, here are a few tricks you can use to help make this diet program even easier.

Once you begin your weight loss journey on Weight Watchers, you will start to notice how easy it is to calculate the Points in the food you eat. Weight Watchers also has “Set Points” that make remembering how many points are in certain foods super easy.

Lean proteins such as eggs, fish and shellfish, lentils and beans have a Set Points value of 5 Points, no matter the portion. Grains and starchy vegetables, such as corn, brown or wild rice, and potatoes have a Set Points value of 6 Points, no matter the portion, and all fruit, whether canned, fresh or frozen all have a Set Points value of 2 Points.

This makes it easy to remember how many Points are in foods that you most likely eat more often. Weight Watchers recommends you continue to stick to regular serving sizes and to stop eating when you’re satisfied to ensure the most success when using Set Points.

Another easy weight watchers trick is to learn how to budget your meals, or spread your Points out through the day. If you know you have a big dinner party coming up and there won’t be many good food choices available, eat lower point foods early in the day and save a larger portion of Points for the party. Planning ahead is key for success on Weight Watchers, no matter what the occasion.

Weight Watchers also has “filling foods.” These are always good to remember for those times when you want something more filling or when you’re hungry but don’t want to use a lot of points. Filling foods are: whole wheat pasta, grains, potatoes, and bread; fruits and vegetables; whole grain cereal without added sugar, nuts or dried fruit; lean meats, poultry, fish and eggs; fat free milk and milk products; and soups made with filling foods.

Keep in mind, too, that most vegetables are 0 to 1 point, so be sure to have lots of those on hand. Most spices are 0 points and can give bland food an added zing and lots of flavor instead of using butter, dressing or other high point sauces.

These easy tricks and tips for the Weight Watchers diet plan will help you stay on track and be more successful on your weight loss journey.

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