Do You Need The Flu Vaccine? You Call The Shots.

What is the difference between the shot and the nasal mist?
The flu shot is an inactive strain of the virus given in the form of a shot. The shot is designed to prepare your body prepared to fight off infection from the live virus that you may come into contact with.

The nasal mist vaccine contains a weakened version of the live flu virus. The mist is only for people who have a strong immune system and are healthy. Getting the nasal mist vaccine could make you more susceptible to certain side effects. Only healthy people between the ages of 2-49 years old should get the spray. The spray should not be taken by pregnant women and it may not be covered by your health insurance.
Who should get the vaccine? 

  • Children between 6 months and 5 years old
  • Children who are born prematurely
  • People who have chronic heart and lung disorders
  • People who have chronic diseases
  • Women who will be pregnant during the peak months of the flu season
  • Heath care workers
  • Public Safety workers
  • Anyone over the age of 50 years old

Who should NOT get the vaccine?

  • Anyone who is allergic to eggs. The viruses for the flu shots are grown inside of chicken eggs, so make sure your doctor knows if you or your child is allergic to eggs.
  • Infants under 6 months
  • If you have had a severe reaction to the flu shot before
  • Anyone with a fever at the time
  • Anyone who has Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Always check with your doctor first

What are the possible side effects?

  • Swelling, redness, and soreness at the sight of injection. If this occurs, apply pressure with a warm cloth on the area to ease discomfort.
  • Headaches
  • Low-grade fever
  • Muscle aches

Where can I get the flu shot?

  • Heath Clinics
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Also sometimes your local pharmacies, supermarkets, and community buildings may be giving the shot. Keep an eye out around your community for those opportunities.

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