Do I Need A Prescription Weight Loss Pill?

Weight loss pills aren’t a quick fix or a cure-all for weight loss. But they can work together with diet and exercise to help speed up weight loss and show progress quicker than just diet and exercise. The two types of weight loss pills include over-the-counter pills and prescription pills. Prescription pills are federally regulated and have been put through studies to ensure effectiveness and safety.

There is a variety of factors a doctor will consider before prescribing diet pills. Anyone who just wants to lose a few pounds doesn’t need a prescription diet pill. In fact, a doctor won’t prescribe a pill to anyone who doesn’t meet certain weight requirements.

Who Qualifies for Prescription Diet Pills?

Body mass index is often used to qualify patients for prescription diet pills. The body mass index takes into consideration a person’s height and weight, disregarding weight from muscle mass. Anyone with a body mass index of 30 or more, with no related health conditions, is a candidate for a prescription. People who suffer from weight related health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, can get a prescription with a body mass index of 27 or more.

Other reasons a doctor may prescribe a weight loss pill is if a patient has unsuccessfully tried for years to lose weight. Doctors may also try to curb future problems associated with weight gain by starting patients on the brink of obesity or other weight related illnesses on a prescription diet pill.

Who Should Not Take Prescription Diet Pills?

Anyone with a history of addiction should use caution when taking prescription diet pills. Almost all of these pills are classified as controlled substances and may be addicting. People with poor blood pressure, heart disease, or are at risk for a stroke should also avoid prescription diet drugs.

The limited amount of information on prescription weight loss drugs and its effect on children and senior citizens means that these two groups should use extreme caution if prescribed a weight loss pill. A doctor will go over all risks and precautions of a particular diet pill before writing a prescription. However, it’s important to research diet pill information and ask your doctor any questions before accepting a prescription.

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