The Denise Austin Diet and Fitness Plan

You may already know Denise Austin as a fitness guru, her dynamic personality has been featured in videos and on tv for years. Still fit and fabulous over 40, her approach to fitness is personal and direct. She promotes exercises that anyone can do regardless of their current fitness levels. And, most importantly, her program gets results.

Being healthy requires a combination of diet and exercise. Denise Austin’s program is based on the same concept — that when you eat right and get fit, you also feel great. This Diet and Workout program uses a three-pronged approach, blending food, fitness and motivational tools to help you reach your goal. 

How the Denise Austin Plan Works

The Denise Austin online program provides access to an extensive database of recipes and meal plans. The online meal planner lets users put together a daily menu based on their personal recommended caloric intake. Pre-planning meals and snacks takes the guesswork out of losing weight. The tools also prepare grocery lists according to the planned menu.

The fitness part of this program (Denise Austin’s specialty) features a collection of exercises for speeding up metabolism, building muscle tone and strength, and losing weight. Austin espouses a multi-disciplinary approach to fitness that includes aerobic exercise, strength training and yoga.

Getting Results With Denise Austin

Denise Austin’s Diet and Workout program is not a quick-fix plan. However, because the overall program is straight forward and the exercise routines can be adjusted for any age, many people have achieved their health and fitness goals with the help of Denise Austin.

If you need extra motivation along the way, check out the “Feel Good” section of the program which offers daily thoughts for every stage of the weight loss process. Throughout your weightloss journey, Austin provides advice, tips and insight to help her followers stay fit and lose weight.

Who Will Benefit from the Denise Austin Diet and Workout Plan?

The personality of Denise Austin is what makes this program so unique. In addition to motivation and encouragement, her program is designed to help people get the weight off, get stronger and feel better despite age-related obstacles. While many women find her simplified approach to weight loss appealing, men can also get great results by following the program.

The Denis Austin online program runs around $20 (at the time of this article) and comes with four weeks of online tools and support. With such a low price to get started, you may want to buy a couple of her fitness videos to support your new diet and exercise program.

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