Craniosacral Massage: Get Your Head in the Game

If your heart is the seat of emotions then your head is the more rational part of your being. When stress threatens, keep a level head with a craniosacral massage.

Stress affects your body in a number of ways. You might notice that you have a splitting headache or pain in your body. As long as the stress persists so will the pain. One way to relieve the pain of stress and the stress itself is with a gentle massage of your head and neck using craniosacral or cranial sacral massage techniques.

People who have problems with their neck or spine can participate in massages even if they once thought that they could not. Beginning with a craniosacral massage may just solve whatever issues they are having so they can expand their repertoire and enjoy other types of massages as well.

What is craniosacral massage?

The principle of craniosacral massage therapy is the restoration of misaligned bones in the body. These bones can be the skull communicating with the spine or slipped disks in the spine. A massage therapist who specializes in craniosacral massage will be able to help with that pain. People who suffer from migraine headaches and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain benefit from this type of massage, too.

Positioning is important for craniosacral massage. Instead of a massage table, you will recline in a padded chair. Proper alignment and comfort are essential for any type of massage. Because the massage therapist is working in a delicate area, tell him or her if you feel any pain from the positioning or anything techniques they are performing.

For those of you who are body shy, you don’t have to undress for a craniosacral massage. The main emphasis is on the head and neck so you are safe to keep your undies covered. You may want to wear a shirt that is easy to pull off of the shoulders. If the massage extends here your clothing won’t be stained by the essential oils used on your skin.

A craniosacral massage is very relaxing for your facial bones and muscles. For people who carry tension in their face, you’ve never felt a massage more gentle and effective for this area. With soft music playing and your eyes closed, this type of head and neck massage can remove pain and restore function to your body. Those suffering from respiratory ailments have also found comfort and relief through craniofacial massage.

The practice of massage is an ancient art with many benefits. For stress sufferers who develop problems with headaches, neck muscles and the like, craniosacral massage could be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you just want to give your spine the love it deserves, this massage is a winner.

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