Swedish Massage is a Classic Tradition in Massage Therapy

Are you looking for a way to relax and melt away the stresses of the day? A Swedish massage can return you to your former self, pre-stress stage. It is a massage that works to soothe out the muscles through a variety of techniques.

A Swedish massage is the treatment most people get at the spa. Like you have probably guessed, it was developed in Sweden and adopted in the United States. It is a classic massage technique that uses kneading (like dough), rubbing with palms and fingertips, chopping motions and sometimes vibrations (bowls and balls) to relax the body and work out the tension. It is easy on the body and should not hurt at all. If you have problems with deep muscle pain a Swedish massage will be more beneficial as a maintenance massage after you have used another therapy to relax the muscles.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

The techniques used in the Swedish massage have a list of health benefits associated with it. The technique relaxes you first of all and also improves circulation throughout body. The increased circulation results in better oxygenation of the tissues and more energy for you. If you have pain in your joints such as arthritis, a regular massage such as the Swedish massage will alleviate that pain and make movement easier.

Massage therapy has a detoxifying effect on your body. The stroking and pressure moves toxins from the organs and body tissues into the bloodstream where they can then be eliminated from the body. The removal of toxins can lower stress levels which in turn will lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Your Swedish massage will most likely be conducted on a padded massage table used for your comfort. Your body will be covered with a towel or sheet except for the area that is being massaged at the time. For easy access and application of oils, most of your clothing will have to be removed. Some people are shy about this and some don’t care. Use your best judgment.

The oils are used to help the massage therapist work their techniques better. If at any time you feel pain, be sure to let them know. The Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing and mild massages you can have, so enjoy the experience. You might even have music playing in the background or low lighting to further relax you.

For your first massage, try a Swedish massage. It is an excellent way to curb stress reactions in your body and spend a free afternoon.

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