The Secret About Buying Cheap Yoga Mats

People that practice yoga eventually choose to get their own yoga mat for many reasons: you might want a unique mat that shows off your personality, or perhaps you need a mat with better support so you’ve custom ordered one that has the right firmness, thickness, and dimensions for your height.

When first shopping for a yoga mat, it’s easy to be surprised by the prices. High-end yoga mats can cost up to $100 while basic mats are still in the $20-$30 range. Are the higher quality Yoga mats worth the extra cash? What about cheap yoga mats? Are they bad?

Believe it or not, a cheap yoga mat is perfectly fine for most people. Buying a cheap yoga mat may even be the best decision. Here’s why.

Cheap PVC Mats Are Easy to Care For

Many yoga studios have cheap mats made of PVC, while only a handful have decided to invest in high-quality rubber/latex or other natural material mats. And there’s a good reason for them using the PVC mats. Cheap PVC mats provide adequate thickness, plenty of stability, are of a suitable width and length, wash without trouble, are resistant to bacteria because they have closed-cells at the microscopic level.

Natural latex/rubber yoga mats require regular cleaning and other conditioning. Understand that when you buy an expensive mat, you are committing yourself to taking care of it. With cheap yoga mats, you don’t have to worry about washing it as often or do lots of maintenance.

Cheap Yoga Mats are More Portable

You want to put some serious thought into how often you are going to do yoga and how many times per week you are going to attend class. Keep in mind that expensive mats are heavy. Inexpensive yoga mats are light weight and will fit into almost any yoga bag for easy carrying to and from class. This portability means you can take your mat anywhere you go.

Eco-Friendly and Cheap? PER Yoga Mat

The major downside to cheap yoga mats is that there are some disadvantages to the material they are made out of. PVC yoga mats are non-biodegradable, toxic, and may even have a distinct odor for the first few weeks. If you are going to use PVC, you should try to recycle it rather than toss it into a landfill.

Recently, Yoga equipment companies have begun to use more environmentally-friendly materials such as PER which is a polymer that decomposes easily but still has PVC-like physical properties. PER yoga mats use a biodegradable material but still keep material costs low so. These yoga mats are a good balance of cheap and good quality.

Before purchasing a yoga mat, take a look at the cheaper alternatives. Don’t just assume that expensive is better. You may just find that you can save money without sacrificing quality!

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