The Benefits of Hydrangea

Hydrangea is an elegant shrub that grows in the southern and midwestern part of the United States. It contains bitter compounds that make it a great blood purifier and cleanser of the entire urinary tract.

Hydrangea is very helpful for urinary problems, preventing the formation of gravel, helping any deposits to pass through the ureters from the kidney to the bladder. It increases the flow of urine and will remove bladder stones as well as the accompanying pain. Hydrangea acts as a solvent to help break down and prevent further formation of stones and deposits in the urinary and glandular systems.

Hydrangea is a diuretic herb that promotes the overall health of the prostate gland, by reducing inflammation, infection and swelling.

It also contains nutrients and minerals including high concentrations of calcium that is so important for strong bones and healthy connective tissues, and it is helpful for the swelling of arthritis and can ease the effects of severe rheumatism.


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