Balinese Massage Combines Techniques for Whole Body Healing

Most countries have their own massage practices, some quite old. If you are looking for a new way to find relaxation through massage, a Balinese massage could do the job for you.

People who have had massages before might need a challenge to keep them coming back for more. A Balinese massage presents just such a challenge to the body and the mind. It is an all-purpose massage that is good for men and women.

People who suffer from certain ailments can take advantage of a Balinese massage. Neck pain, stress, headaches, insomnia and muscle pain all over can benefit from this type of massage. Balinese massage has even been said to aid with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.

Before you begin, know that the massage therapist will utilize an arsenal of techniques to get your body feeling great in no time. Any physical conditions that will inhibit you from certain techniques of the massage should be mentioned during the preliminaries so there are no problems during the session.

A Balinese massage is performed on a mat on the floor or on a couch made for massage. It works better if the massage therapist can make good contact with your skin but you can keep most of your clothes on if it makes you feel better. Some of the oils that will be used can stain your clothing so be mindful of that too.

Balinese Massage Combines Many Healing Techniques

A Balinese massage is a combination of a variety of massage techniques. It is closely related to Ayurvedic massage principles, the ancient Indian massage therapy for total body wellness. Throughout your hour-long or 90-minute massage you will experience techniques like deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, ayurvedic massage, acupressure massage and reflexology massage. Balinese massages are right for athletes who are prone to sustain many injuries to their bodies that require a more rigorous regimen for muscle relaxation.

For the massage enthusiast, you get a little of everything with a Balinese massage. You’ll experience skin rolling, kneading and fingertip pressure. At times it can get a little uncomfortable especially if you’ve never experienced a deep tissue massage before. Nothing should cause serious pain. Even a deep tissue massage is followed by a relaxation mode a couple of days later.

Set aside lots of time for this one. A Balinese massage is an experience to be enjoyed for all it’s worth. When the massage is finished you’ll want to spend some time basking in your relaxing glow. If you have an appointment afterwards wash off the oils so you don’t distract those around you.

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